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As part of our new website, we have included a fire alarm Battery Size Calculator Tool which we have made available to all to use and share.

If you have a basic understanding of HTML then you should be able to add this to your website or blog by following the simple steps below.

Step 1: Add the below just before the closing '</head>' tag of your page.

<style type='text/css'>
iframe{ width:98%; height:450px; border:none; overflow:hidden;}

Step 2: Add the below between the '<body>' tags where you want to display the calculator on your webpage.

<iframe src="grainger-battery-size-calculator.php?show_header=no&amp;header_hex=000&amp;header_text=hello%20world"></iframe>

The battery calculator tool should now appear on your website.



How to customise this tool

If you look carefully at the above '<iframe>' then you will see that it has serveral variables, show_header, header_hex and header_text.

<iframe src="grainger-battery-size-calculator.php?show_header=no&amp;header_hex=000&amp;header_text=hello%20world"></iframe>

By altering the value of these variables then you can add and colour a header for this tool.





show_header yes or no Will switch on the <h1> header at the top of the Battery Calculator Tool
header_hex hex value Will colour this header. It is important that a '#' is NOT added to this value
header_text string / words The wording of the header to be shown. It is recommended that spaces are replaced with '%20'


Added By Ian Ditchfield, 25/05/2015