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Graingers Partner With Real Time Location Ltd

Account for your site employees, visitors or contractors quickly in the event of an emergency ? in real time.

Real Time Location systems accurately identify and record employees entering and leaving each building or area on site in real time. In the event of an emergency, the system will record when each employee exits each building and will automatically show their arrival at the muster point on any handheld device to quickly confirm head counts or to detail people who have not left a building and who are not present at a muster point.

Each employee, visitor or contractor is issued with an RFID personnel badge/tag; each tag/badge transmits a unique Radio Frequency Identification RFID signal which uniquely identifies them. The RFID badge/tag transmits the ID up to 50 metres.
Wireless Location Modules (WLM?s) are located at each building entrance/exit. Each WLM has a unique ID which identifies the location to the system. The WLM?s record all staff as they enter and leave each building. WLM?s wirelessly communicate and transmit whether each employee is entering or leaving each building. A WLM is located at each muster point and when staff assemble at a muster point the WLM signals the presence of all employees at each point to the central system and displayed on the handheld device.

In the event of an emergency the system reports the last known location of each employee in real
time and displays the information to several portable devices. It will provide reports detailing
employees who have not left a building and who are not present at a muster point.

Quickly account for all staff in an emergency.
Present real-time information to the fire officer.
Display the last known location of an employee, visitor or contractor.
Reduce down time in the event of an emergency.
Automatic presence detection of personnel at any muster point.
Location data stored in a SQL database for easy retrieval and analysis.
Expandable to include lone worker & asset tracking.

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Added By Ian Ditchfield, 29/01/2016